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Question & Answers

Refer a friend to your referral link and as a reward, you will receive up to 0.3% of the amount of turnover generated by the referred player.

Commissions will be automatically paid to the player's main account at 13 : 00 wednesday.

Commission will be counted by every Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59.

Example :

  • You have 10 active direct members.
  • The total slot valid betting amount of your members are RP 700,000,000.00
  • RP 700,000,000.00 x 0.2% =RP 1,400,000.00
  • TThe total live casino valid betting amount of your members are RP 300,000,000.00
  • RP 300,000,000.00 x 0.1% =RP 300,000.00
  • Your total commission is (slot + live casino) = RP 1,700,000.00

There is nothing at stake. All wins and losses will be borne by the company and you will be paid a referral commission whether the player wins or loses.

  1. Use your website to promote PLAYERS99 gaming by placing your advertising material in a prominent position on your website.
  2. Use website building techniques to create a website or information page dedicated to promote PLAYERS99 gaming, and use your knowledge of SEO keywords to improve search rankings and get players to your information page quicker.
  3. Use online social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TIKTOK, Twitter, LINE to promote PLAYERS99 gaming
  4. Take advantage of your downline connections to introduce PLAYERS99 gaming to your circle of friends, who love games, and inform them about PLAYERS99 exciting games and events.
  5. Members can request for marketing materials from our customer service to post on their social media.


1. All referrals and members are not allowed to have double entry account , example ( same ip , same bank , same mobile, etc )

2. Commission will be forfeited if found of having double entry account.

3. PLAYERS99 reserve the right to abort this referral programme at anytime without prior notice.

4. PLAYERS99 decision is absolute and not to be contested.